Here is a listing of the pages we use when gaming. Links links links:

Bulbapedia – for when you need to know when your Pokémon will evolve and under what conditions. Also has every other detail on each Pokémon for all the generations of the game.  

Dragonvale – the egg page. Want to know how to breed a dragon?  Start here. 

GameSpot – this link goes right to their game reviews. One of the websites we use to check scores to see how good a game is. 

GameStop – we start here when we are going to buy a used game. Check the website for availability, but be aware that the website isn’t always accurate when it lists something as low in stock. 

IGN – this link goes right to their game reviews. Another of the sites we use to see what score they give a game when we’re considering a purchase. 

BrickInstructions – all the Lego Dimensions building instructions without having to relook them up in game.  Scroll to the bottom to find picture links for each set. 

Macenstein – straight to his Dragonvale page. Useful for when you need to breed a dragon but the components are elements, not specific dragons. This site will give you combos proven to work. If it’s hard to find the specific dragon you need, a quick google search with the dragon and Macenstein will work. 

Metacritic – the last of the big three sites we check for game review scores. 

Monster Hunter Wikia – this has it all for every version of the game. You can look up armor stats and pictures, and also see what’s needed to make each piece. The weapon trees are essential so you don’t waste time upgrading into a bad weapon. The wikia also lists all the items in the games and where to find them. And of course each monster has a page detailing damage, weaknesses, and what’s different for each game’s version. Preparation is key in this game, and these guys keep all the charts for you. 

Ushi No Tane – for all things Harvest Moon. All the charts and data needed for these time management games. Sometimes you just need to know which villagers like what. They include the original Harvest Moon series now being published as Story of Season as well as Natsume’s new Harvest Moon in name only series.