Ever Oasis Concept Art

Ever Oasis came out this week and Nintendo shared with us some of the concept art for the characters, as well as some of their thoughts when creating them.

“The hero’s tribe, the Seedlings, are based on plants.

There’s no water in the desert, so it’s a tough environment for plants to survive in, but they always seem to thrive and even flourish in those conditions. Plants have the wonderful power to grow from a tiny seed and produce flowers that put smiles on people’s faces, so we tried to imagine what a personified seed would look like. That’s how Seedlings were born.”
You can read the full article here.

Tethu, the male hero

Tethi, the female hero

Esna, the water spirit

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Life Goals – LAN Party

I love this. I hope that when my kids are adults they have friends who are willing to haul their stuff together for gaming sessions. The closest we get at this point is friends bringing over their 3DSs. Which isn’t bad, but this is better. 

The original poster, who goes by christovjn on Instagram, wrote: “Cracked open a few cold ones with the boys, got some pizzas in and played Rocket League together – not laughed this much in a long time.”

Sounds wonderful to me. 

Photo by Chris Nicholls

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Sunday Sillies – Mario Kart Dr. Seuss Style 

Today from rockpapercynic.com comes a Dr. Seuss Mario Kart parody. You can read the original comic herehereherehere, and here. The first one’s definitely my favorite. 

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Craft Saturday – Stardew Valley Cat Perler

Stardew Valley’s pixelated art style is perfect for Perler beads. After a week of playing the game, I knew I wanted to make some of the icons from the game. My first choice was to do one of the rarecrows, but I didn’t have all the colors needed. Instead, I picked out the cat your farmer adopts. The kids thought its “cashed” position was hilarious. Here’s a blown up screen shot from the game.

Cashed kitty

You can see how easily the game is to translate into Perler beads. It’s all just a matter of picking the beads closest to the color of the pixels used in the game. 

Stardew Valley – Cashed Kitty Perler by Mom’s the Gamer

Cashed Kitty was made up entirely from this package of neutral Perler beads, which can usually be found at local stores (we got ours at Meijer). Trays like this one run aroun $11, and have plenty of beads for several of projects.

This is definitely an easy project and will keep you or your kids busy for a relatively short amount of time, though you can extend that time by making more of Stardew Valley’s icons. I’m looking forward to receiving the beads I ordered so I can make that rarecrow next. Happy crafting everyone!

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Friday Funnies – Breath of the Wild Selfie

Ok, it took some digging to find out where this one came from, but I got it for you guys. This was a still taken from a YouTube video called “Zelda breath of the wild stupid way to kill guardians!” by Brandon Thomsen. Someone later posted it labeled with “16 photos taken seconds before distaster.”

In honor of National Selfie Day this past week, I present Link’s stupidest and most badass selfie. (Spoiler Alert: he lives)

Seconds Before Disaster Strikes

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Series of Quotes #3

Karl M. Kapp is the author of the book The Gamification of Learning and Instruction. This quote was taken from an interview he gave to The Learning Circle. 

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Wednesday Art – Broken Age

Since I got my copy of Broken Age in the mail, I thought I’d share with you some of the artwork that’s been uploaded from the game so you can see its wonderful art style. Broken Age is a point and click adventure style game; it’s all puzzle and dialogue and artwork. This time the artwork looks like something out of a kid’s picture book.  

Here we have Vella all dressed up as a cake to be sacrificed to Mog Chothra. She the only one not happy about it.

And then there’s Shay being given ridiculously easy “quests” by the ship’s daytime computer to keep him occupied.

Like this one. You can see how he’s outgrown everything. 

While Shay is being a bored and trapped teenager out looking for real adventure, Vella is actually on an adventure trying to defeat Mog Chothra and save other girls from being sacrificed. 

Part of me wishes this was an actual picture book, because the artwork is just that good. But with a game I get to live the adventure which makes me happy. I’ll be sure to lend this one out to the kids.  

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Limited Run Games – Broken Age

This is probably a little bit more for the collector in your life, but I have to share. I just got my copy of Broken Age in the mail. An actual hard copy of the game! That’s what Limited Run Games does. They take digital games and produce a small amount of physical copies for sale. 

I love Broken Age. It’s done by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions after all. As in the people who made Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. Broken Age is a fun puzzle game where two timelines intertwine. You have a girl who is being offered up as a cake sacrifice to protect her village on one side and on the other is a boy who’s lived a sheltered life on a space ship run by an overprotective computer he calls mom. I definitely recommend it. Problem for me was it crashed my iPad. So look at me all excited because now I can play it on my Vita! You can check out Limited Run Games to see what games they have previously sold and see what they plan to sell. Fair warning these games sell out fast. And if you want to play Broken Age, check out the digital downloads for PS4, Vita, Android, and iOS. Age range here is as early as your kids can read. Go have fun!

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Sunday Sillies – A Haiku About Mario Kart

The word nerd in me loves this. What a hilarious gap between the Haiku form and the words. 

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Craft Saturday – Legend of Zelda Puzzles

This week’s Craft Saturday features an item you make, but don’t make: Video Game Puzzles. I have a few that I’ve received as Christmas presents, and with the kid’s cleaning up the playroom this week, I took advantage of the project table being cleared off to pull one out. 

There are quite a few Legend of Zelda and Super Mario Bros. puzzles out there. I have pinned some of my favorites to the Mom’s the Gamer Pinterest account.  You can find them in the Game Schwag board. Current issue puzzles run around $10, though if you have your eye on an older puzzle expect to pay upwards of $15.

Hope you enjoy puzzles as much as I do! Happy crafting puzzling, and come back next week for a new project.

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