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Balancing Our Kids Use of Technology

You’ve heard the voices that are getting ever louder in the mommy blogging community that technology is bad for your kids. I know. I’ve heard it, too. For me though it’s a little personal.  Gaming and technology are a part … Continue reading

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Series of Quotes #2

A reminder to not make technology out to be the bad guy. As parents, we can guide our kids through social media and technology. We must give them the knowledge to make smart decisions, not withhold tech from them in … Continue reading

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Fixing My WiiU Pad

So I finally got around to pulling apart my WiiU controller to fix the left joystick issue. We were all tired of getting stuck walking up left in video games. This is the second time I’ve pulled this thing apart. … Continue reading

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Combining the Old with the New

I often bring my cross stitch projects with me to work on while at my kids’ events. Usually people will stop and talk to me about it, whether it’s their own experience with the medium, or just to ask what … Continue reading

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