You’ve landed on the blog of a girl gamer, who’s been given the opportunity to raise two boys. My gaming history goes way back to the time when Gameboys had green and black screens, though my first exposure was a friend’s Atari and space invaders. I’m a bit obsessed with Legend of Zelda games. My first one was Link’s Awakening. The series is for me the quintessential gaming experience: amazing plot/great balance of puzzle, action, and exploration. These are the kind of games I have let my kids cut their teeth on. Here in my blog, you’ll get to hear about some of my adventures in the gaming world, some of the kid’s, and some musings on how I’m raising my boys to be good gamers.

I believe gaming is good for my kids, as long as the games are worthy and played in moderation. I also believe technology is here to stay, so I might as well teach the kids how to make it a tool, not be a slave to it.

At times, I’ll post about a game we’ve been playing. These are not meant to be reviews; there are plenty of good sites that rank games. The posts will, however, give you a perspective on how the game is received by my kids, by me and some mom thoughts on if the game is worth it.

There is a loose format to this site, shown below. If you are interested in a certain topic, try checking the blog on:

  • Wednesday’s – video game art 
  • Thursday’s – sometimes I will rework/repost an earlier topic 
  • Friday’s & Sunday’s – funnies and sillies, a quick humor fix
  • Saturday’s – craft day

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  1. Laquinta Martin says:

    Hi! Would love to connect with you! I’m a gamer mom too and would like to form a community of gaming mothers

    • grtetreau says:

      Hi back at you! I don’t know of any formal communities centering around moms who game, but we are definitely around 😊 I have run into a lot on FB pages for girl gamers and on Twitter, too. I’m sure if you start a community they will come.

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