Craft Saturday – Kirby Super Star Perler

If your kids are enjoying the newest Kirby game, Kirby Star Allies, as much as mine are, this week’s craft is a perfect fit. This is for all those kiddos who want to keep playing with Kirby after tech time is over: Kirby Super Star Perler.

These cute little¬†Kirbys, found in the game Kirby Super Star, come from Gomennahty’s Tumblr account. Follow the patterns to create your Kirby perler.

Kirby Super Star Perler

Perler are a great afternoon craft. After you iron them together, you can hang them up on walls, turn them into magnets or mobiles, or use them in epic battles. My personal favorite is the green Kirby.

If you already have perler in your house, this project will cost nothing more than time and concentration. If you’re in need of perler supplies, this project can cost between $12 and $25. Trays of beads come in fun color or neutral color. You can also purchase extra pegboards and tweezers so multiple projects can be created at the same time. If you are new to perler beads, this kit has everything you need to get started.

I hope you have fun with these adorable Kirby Super Star Perler. We would always love to see your creations! Drop pictures in the comments if you want to share. If you’re looking for more perler projects try this Luma Star Perler. Happy Crafting, Everyone!

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