Craft Saturday – Slime Rancher Cross Stitch

Today’s craft is these absolutely adorable little Slime Rancher Cross Stitch from GrabBagStitches. If you’ve played Slime Rancher, these little guys will look awfully familiar. Look at how good the patterns based off the game characters look.


These are great beginner projects. They end up about 2 inches by 2 inches and use on average 5 different floss colors. The slimes can be cross stitched on fabric or on plastic canvas as they are shown here. They can even easily be translated to perler beads.

If you already have hoops and needles in your house, the cost for this project should easily come in under $10. Head to GrabBagStitches’ Etsy shop to see the whole line of Slime Rancher cross stitch available. If you think your child will want to stitch several slime, take advantage of their buy 5 get one free listing. 

I hope you find these Slime Rancher cross stitch as adorable as I do. If your kid is ready for more challenging project, try this Deku Baba from Sirithre. As always, Happy Crafting!


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