Craft Saturday – Poogie Perler

Monster Hunter has some pretty adorable elements to it, including the little pig pets known as poogies. Today’s craft are Poogie Perler based on some of the costumes you can get for your poogies. These patterns come from Kandi Patterns member Sandwich. Kandi Patterns is a great site with loads of beading patterns and ideas.


Kandi Patterns Watermelon PoogieKandi Patterns Sheep PoogieKandi Patterns Stripe Poogie


The poogie perler are super cute and easy to make. Your child could get all of them done in one rainy afternoon. If you don’t already have perler beads in your house, this is a really good starter kit. It has every color needed for these poogies, as well as trays needed to create them.

When your child is finishes their poogies, you place them on your walls, string them up to hang from shelves and ceilings, or attach a magnet on the back and stick them to your fridge.

Enjoy a fun afternoon making your poogie perler. If you’re looking for more perler patterns, try these little Luma Perler. Happy Crafting everyone!


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