Craft Saturday – Deku Baba Cross Stitch

Today’s craft is a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Deku Baba Cross Stitch created by Sirithre. Sirithre is a Twitch Partner who streams video games and cross stitch. Luckily for us, she has an Etsy Shop where you can purchase her patterns. The Deku Baba she designed is part of an ever-growing set of patterns she created based on video game flora. Sirithre wrote, “I was trying to capture the traditional kitchen herb cross stitch patterns you see all over the place, but with a nerdy twist.”

Deku Baba Cross Stitch


This will be a slightly more complex piece for your little makers as this beautiful Deku Baba has 22 colors of floss. That might seem like a large number, but don’t be daunted! The whole piece is approximately 4×4, which places the project in the easy category size-wise. The only tricky part to this stitch is starting and docking all those colors. It might be time to introduce your cross stitcher to The Loop.

The Loop is a fantastic way to start new thread in a cross stitch that is tight with lots of colors. New cross stitchers should never be worried about how messy the backs of their projects are. But as your makers get more practice, they will likely start trying to make the backside more orderly. The Loop start is the cleanest way to anchor your thread. Use this graphic from the Cross Stitch Guild to learn how it’s done.

In all, this project will cost you around $15 for the pattern, floss, and fabric. If you want to use the stretched Aida square canvas that Sirithre used for the Deku Baba, you can find it in a 3-pack at Michael’s. For anyone unable to purchase them at Michael’s, Amazon sells another brand. They are more expensive, but they come in two sizes.

I hope you guys enjoy this Deku Baba cross stitch as much as I do. It’s on my short list of things to stitch this year. Be sure to check out Sirithre on Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram, and poke around her Etsy shop while you’re there. If you’re looking for another cross stitch project, try this Sheikah Eye. Have a great Craft Saturday, Everyone!

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