3DS Skins

We  got the kids some 3DS skins for Christmas and just recently (finally) put them on their devices. They look so good and were so easy to put on. If you’re not familiar with skins, they are like stickers, really good vinyl stickers, that can customize your kids devices with their favorite characters. We got Fire Emblem for the Youngest and Monster Hunter for the Eldest.

Take a look at the Fire Emblem set.

Fire Emblem Skin for New 3DS XLFire Emblem Skin Backside New 3DS XLFire Emblem Skin Inside New 3DS XL


It looks amazing, doesn’t it? The Youngest is over the moon about it.

We got them for the kids just for the fun of having their 3DS decorated with their favorite games, but you could use this as a method for identifying devices. The New 3DS XL originally just came in red and black. The boys each picked a different color to forgo any confusion about which 3DS belonged to which kid. But you could grab two black ones and slap a Pokémon skin and a Legend of Zelda skin on them and instantly tell the owners apart.

The skins are available for just about every console, controller, and 3DS. Just be sure to get the correct skin type, then peel, place, and hit it with a blow dryer to make it stick and you have your customized device. Correct type, people. I mommy-brained the type for the Eldest, so now we have a new one coming in the mail.


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