Dad’s Not the Gamer – Nioh

A little over a week ago, I bought a game for the husband. For those of you following along, or those who can guess by this website’s name, you already know that in this house, Dad’s not the Gamer. That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t play video games, just that he doesn’t have the same level of want-to-play-all-the-games the rest of us have. But we like playing games, and we like spending time with him, so when the Hubs does want to play a game, it’s like the stars aligned so we do everything we can to make that happen.

NiohAfter Christmas, we began to hear rumblings of┬áthis kind of event occurring. He┬ámentioned that Nioh looked interesting. Nioh happens to be rated M so I knew that it would be a game he would play likely after the kids had gone to bed. The kids are old enough now, though, that as long as there is no moral ambiguity or adult themes, they can watch a mature Hack-n-Slash. Not play, mind you. We still have that rule about no people killing, but if the artwork doesn’t bother them, watching is fine. And Nioh is exactly the kind of game that B2 would want to watch. Lots of swords, lots of fighting, some vague history of weaponry and war strategy.

After New Years the rumblings got louder. He stated that he would actually like to play Nioh. It looks good. It’s by Team NINJA. It got good scores. But when would he play the game? It’s M for Mature. Probably isn’t going to work. It was at that point that I took matters into my own hands and bought him the game.

A few nights later, after the kids are in bed, he pops the game in. Cool cut scenes, nice art, oh here we go! He’s in a prison cell, in the Tower of London. He gets out, fights a guard barehanded, and dies. Completely adorable. Try number two: finds a chest with a sword! Now he’s in business. Where’s that guard? There he is. The Hubs defeats him easily. And off he goes. It’s pretty much you would expect from a hack-n-slash. Dark corridors, candle lit rooms, random chests, guards to defeat and then *cue angelic music* he finds an Axe. The Hubs is an axe man. He’s a very happy guy now. More rooms and guards and then ooo he found a big guy. Big guy down, cue cut scene transformation and we have our first Boss.

What happened next was twenty minutes of die, respawn, run to the Boss, trigger the boss, die. He gave it a damn good honest try. Stuck with it much longer than I expected him to. But it was late at night and it was enough. He stopped the game. But the good news is he likes Nioh, thinks he’ll play again, it looks to be ok for the kids to watch, and (best part) he has his axe.

Fast forward a few days. While I was upstairs reading, and B1 was at Scouts, B2 convinces the Hubs to play Nioh so he could watch him and hang out with him one-on-one. When I come downstairs, B2 excitedly tells me he got to watch Dad play Nioh.

“Did you like it?”

“It was awesome! Dad has an axe.”

“Yes he does. Did he get past that boss?”

“Yeah, I looked it up for him.”

Dead. I’m done. The kiddo-bean looked up the strategy for his dad to be able to defeat the boss. Then explained it for him and coached him through beating the boss. Parent’s usually do this for their kids. My kid did it for his dad.

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