Craft Saturday – Stardew Valley Snowman Rarecrow Perler

If it’s too cold outside or there’s not enough snow for your kids to build a snowman, they can build one inside with today’s craft of the Stardew Valley Snowman Rarecrow perler.

Stardew Valley Snowman Rarecrow Perler

This little guy is a great easy project for a cold winter’s day. The only thing that you will need to help your child with is the ironing to finish the perler. You can put a magnet on the back to stick the snowman to your fridge or use a Command Strip to hang it on your child’s wall.

If you have perler beads in the house already, you can make this snowman rarecrow without needing to get new supplies. These sets of Fun Color and Neutral Color perler trays have all the colors used here.

You might notice that the light blue is a bit off from the original computer pixel colors. This version of the rarecrow uses Perler colors available in stores. The pale blue color used here is the light aquamarine color named “toothpaste”. I caution you against trying to use the “pastel blue” color that Perler offers. It’s very close to the light blue color and won’t show the contrast needed to make your snowman.

If you have a budding artist in your family, you might want to look into Artkal beads. The s-5mm beads come in more than 130 colors. Not only will you be able to find a color closer to the light blue used in Stardew Valley, but you can also tweak the greys in the top hat to be more like the original, too.

Want to make a perler of another rarecrow? Here’s the link to the Turniphead Rarecrow perler. Enjoy crafting your Stardew Valley Snowman Rarecrow. And join us again next week for another Craft Saturday.

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