Craft Saturday – Santa Mario Cross Stitch

Welcome to our last Holiday Craft of this year featuring Mario and Yoshi in a Santa Mario Cross Stitch. I had to share this project because look at the little Yoshi Reindeer! You can find the Pattern in CrazzzyStitch’s Etsy Shop. Don’t forget to check out the rest of her patterns while you’re there.

Santa Mario Cross Stich by CrazzzyStitch

This cross stitch is not for a beginner. It’s a larger project, but not overly complex. You should wait to tackle this one until after you have completed a smaller cross stitch or two. Since this is not recommended as a starter project, you will likely only need to purchase the pattern, floss, and fabric. Your biggest investment in this cross stitch will be your time.

Santa Mario Cross Stitch has 13 floss colors and ends up roughly 17×7 inches when complete. Michael’s is always a good place to find floss; they run about $.33 per skein. You might also want to grab some fresh embroidery needles while you’re there. For anyone who went, “Wow that’s a lot of blue background,” the good news is that light blue background is the color of the fabric being stitched on. You can use this link to find theĀ  fabric needed for this project, as you probably won’t find it in stores. If you’re worried about being able to place the snowflakes and clouds in the correct area, you can always grid your fabric with water soluble pencil like this one.

Because this is a rectangular project, some might find it easier to stitch using a snap kit rather than a hoop. If you already have hoops, don’t worry. You just move the hoops around to focus on the area you’re stitching. When you finish your project, simply wash and iron and the hoop marks will disappear.

I hope you love this Santa Mario Cross Stitch as much as I do. Who can resist Yoshi reindeer! If you’re looking for a holiday craft to do in a shorter amount of time, check out these Super Mario Christmas Mushroom perler. Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday Season!

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