2017 Video Game Ornament

If you’re wanting to add a little Geek flavor to your gamer’s Christmas tree this year, have a look at our favorites from the collection of 2017 video game ornaments available from ThinkGeek, GameStop, and Hallmark.


GameStop has a two pack of Destiny ornaments.


While these Fallout ornaments from ThinkGeek are worth it for the Nuka Cola alone, the Vault Boy bobblehead looks pretty good, too.


Hallmark came out with Resin Figures of some of Nintendo’s characters, and how awesome are these. Love the Toon Link.


Finally! Someone (ThinkGeek) made an official Pokeball ornament! It seems so obvious to make these that there have been numerous handmade ornaments and craft tutorials for pokeballs over the years. There just hasn’t been an official pokeball ornament before. This one looks perfect. It comes as a set of four so you could share with your friends, if you’re feeling generous.

Super Mario

Part of the Hallmark Keepsake line, this Mario ornament has already sold out in their online shop. It’s still available in stores and you can find it on Amazon.

The Luigi Keepsake ornament is also sold out online and Luigi can’t be found in Hallmark stores. If you want one, Amazon still has them.

Hallmark’s Yoshi Keepsake ornament is still available in their online shop.

The Legend of Zelda

This set of black and gold The Legend of Zelda ornaments is available from GameStop. I’ve seen a picture of them on a fellow gamer’s tree and they definitely make a statement

That’s it for Mom’s the Gamer’s pick of 2017 video game ornaments. If you’re looking for something a little more unique or customizable or you just want to support small businesses, try this list of our favorite video game ornaments from Etsy. May all your Christmas trees be Geeky!

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