2017 Etsy Video Game Ornaments

As you may be aware, the gamer in your life is a Geek. Great news! Christmas is the perfect time to show them you get them and their fan love. Let’s start by bringing some gaming decorations to their Christmas Tree. Here are some of my favorite 2017 Etsy video game ornaments.


TheRadScientist has a felt Katamari Cousin in their store. In the past they had other characters as well. They do say they take requests so if you have particular character in mind, ask!



This absolutely adorable Metroid ornament from The13thBrushStroke has sold out for the fourth time. Be that as it may, it’s worth showing to you guys because it’s awesome. If you like Metroid, tag this and get one as soon as they come back in stock!



This wooden Overwatch ornament from TrollsHut would look great on a tree.



I love the rustic nature of this Pokeball from FableAndFairy.


If you’re going to make a ball ornament into a Pokémon, this Jigglypuff from lizzysdreams is the way you do it.


And then there is this adorkable little Mimikyu with the CharlieBrown tree from ChinookCrafts.



Super Mario

Love these Red and Green Shell ornaments from Holohandcrafted. Not only are they the perfect blend of Christmas and Super Mario, they also are the perfect size. Perler ornaments can quickly become unwieldy on your tree, but these shells stay small at around 3 inches.


For a 3 -Dimensional Super Mario ornament, there is this hand painted Question Block from LyneasLegendaryLoot.


The Legend of Zelda

GeekyGoodz has this amazing wooden laser-cut Triforce listed in their shop.


Not sure you can call yourself a Legend of Zelda fan if you don’t have a sparkly green Crest of Hyrule ornament on your tree.  Try this one by Kaitywhales.


How cool is this! This Spirit Orb from GeekeryArchives actually has the wings suspended inside the orb, just like in Breath of the Wild.


For those looking for a Legend of Zelda ornament from the newest game, here is a pretty button style Breath of the Wild ornament from WLHolidays.


Our last ornament for the Etsy list, is this beautiful glass engraved Hyrule Crest from MerryNerdChristmas.


Hope you enjoyed Mom’s the Gamer’s pick of 2017 Etsy video game ornaments! Definitely poke around the Etsy shops listed here to see if they have other ornaments you or your gamer might like. And these are not the only Etsy shops that are selling video game Christmas ornaments. To see others that were not included in this list, check out Mom’s the Gamer’s Christmas Pinterest board. Happy Holidays, Everyone!

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