Craft Saturday – Mimikyu Cross Stitch

With Halloween nearly upon us, you might be looking for some cute, spooky craft projects to keep your kids or yourself entertained. Try this adorable Mimikyu cross stitch from EvenstarCraftsCo. This Pokémon likes to dress themselves up (in an adorkably awful fashion) as Pikachu to make friends. It’s rumored that seeing it’s true form is deadly. Poor li’l guy.

Isn’t he cute! I was told that this is one of the pattern creator’s must-have Pokémon when she plays the game. That’s probably why this Mimikyu cross stitch is so well done. If you were to purchase everything needed to stitch this pattern, including hoop and needle, the project will cost you around $10. Coming in at 3×3 1/2 inches, this pattern is great for beginners and fans alike.

I hope you enjoy this spooky Mimikyu cross stitch as much as I do. If you enjoyed this one, try the Legend of Zelda Sheikah Eye cross stitch pattern featured here. Make sure you check out EvenstarCraftsCo on Etsy for more cross stitch patterns. You can find her on Twitter (@EvenstarCrafts) and Instagram (evenstarcrafts) as well.

Happy Halloween crafting!

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