Craft Saturday – King Boo Perler

If you’re looking for a fun and easy Halloween craft for your video game-loving kids, or for your video game-loving self, check out this King Boo. There are several variation of King Boo perler projects on Pinterest, but I particularly like this version. The black edging really stands out against King Boo’s white ghost body. Unfortunately, I was not able to track down the original creator.

This King Boo perler is not difficult, though as you can see, it will take more than one square pegboard to put him together. All of the colors could easily be found in a standard multi-color tray of perler beads. You could even use the mini beads to make a mini King Boo. Those of you who already have perler beads in the house will likely not have to spend anything to finish this project. Starting from scratch, though, will cost around $15.

Have fun making this King Boo perler. And for more Halloween fun, try this Mimikyu cross stitch. Happy Halloween crafting, everyone!


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