Pokémon Halloween Costumes 2017

Welcome to the collection of this year’s Pokémon Halloween Costumes. There are some super cute ones out this year. If you don’t see the Pokémon your child wanted to dress up as, try an internet search for a hat or a headband. There are several hats and headbands of various Pokémon available, such as this hat for Umbreon, or this headband for Sylveon. Add a matching colored shirt, a homemade tail, and maybe some face paint and your Kiddo is all set to be their favorite Pokémon for Halloween. Most of the following links are from Amazon. You can double check Target, HalloweenCostumes.com, Party City, and Walmart to find the best price.

For Kids

Pikachu with Mask – A Pikachu one-piece jumpsuit with an attached tail and a mask.

Pikachu with Hat – A Pikachu jumpsuit with an attached tail and a hat.

Pikachu Hoodie – This is a yellow hoodie with ears and a tail. Could be wearable after Halloween.

Pikachu Simple – Simply a headband, tail, and red check stickers. Add a yellow shirt to complete the look.

Pikachu Dress V1 – This costume is a dress with cap sleeves, hat, glovelettes, and leg warmers.  Yellow leggings or tights will finish this costume.

Pikachu Dress V2 – Arguably the cuter of the two Pikachu dresses, this one is a Pikachu hoodie dress with attached tail and ears. Add yellow leggings or tights to complete the look.

Bulbasaur Hoodie – A hoodie with an attached bulb. Might be wearable after Halloween.

Bulbasaur Simple – Just the hat and bulb. Finish the costume with a light blue-green shirt.

Bulbasaur Dress – Hoodie dress with attached bulb. Add light blue-green leggings or tights to complete the look.

Charizard – A full jumpsuit with attached wings and tail and a hat.

Charizard Hoodie – Hoodie with attached wings and tail.

Charizard Simple – A hat, set of wings, and tail. To complete the costume, just add an orange shirt.

Charizard Dress – Hooded dress with attached wings and tail. Add orange leggings or tights to finish the look.

Eevee Dress – This dress is by far everyone’s favorite. It’s a hoodie dress with ears and tail. Just add brown leggings or tights.

Jigglypuff Simple – A Jigglypuff hat and microphone. Add a pink shirt for a finished costume.

Jigglypuff Dress – Dress with hood and a microphone accessory. Pink leggings or tights will complete the outfit.

Mudkip – One-piece hooded costume with attached tail and plush head.

Squirtle – A Squirtle jumpsuit with attached shell and tail and a hat

Squirtle Hoodie – A hoodie with an attached tail and shell. Could be wearable after Halloween.

Squirtle Simple – Just a hat and backpack shell. Add an aqua blue shirt and possibly yellow/tan vest to complete the costume.

Squirtle Dress -This costume is a dress with a hoodie, shell, and tail. To complete the look, add aqua blue leggings or tights.

Torchic – Another one-piece costume with a plush head on the hood.

Treeko – One-piece costume with an attached tail and a soft plushie head on the hood.

Ash with Mask – The most well known Pokémon trainer. This costume comes with a jumpsuit and mask.

Ash with Hat – An Ash jumpsuit with a hat.

Ash with Hat V2 – Jumpsuit costume with a hat from a previous generation of Pokémon.

Red – The Pokémon trainer known as Red. Full suit costume and hat.

Misty Wig – Misty is no longer on the show, but she is still one of the best know female trainers. Add a yellow shirt, red suspenders, jeans shorts, white legging/tights, and sneakers to dress your kid up as this water Pokémon Gym Leader.

Pokéball Belt – This accessory for a trainer comes with belt and two pokeballs.

Pikachu Plush – Add this accessory if you want Pikachu to ride on Ash’s shoulder. Pokémon plushes are always useable after Halloween. For hugs.

Team Rocket Jessie – The female half of the ever present Team Rocket. This costume comes with dress, gloves, and knee highs which can be easily swapped for dark grey/black tights or leggings for warmth.

Team Rocket Jessie Wig – Kid-sized magenta wig for Jessie.

Team Rocket James – The male half of Team Rocket. James’s costume comes with the jumpsuit with attached boot covers, gloves and the belt.

Team Rocket James Wig – James’s blue-purple wig in kid size.

Pokeball – A wearable foam globe for when your kid adorably asks to be a Pokéball for Halloween. Add a red shirt and white pants/leggings or simply pop it over your kids most favorite comfy clothes.

For Baby

Sadly there really aren’t any baby outfits for Pokemon, even on Etsy (unless you care to spend around $100). There is a toddler outfit, though.

Pikachu Toddler – This little Pikachu jumpsuit comes with a separate hood with ears and a pair of shoe coverings. If your little one isn’t feeling the hood, you can always paint red circles on their cheeks instead.

That about wraps it up for this year’s listing of Pokémon Halloween Costumes. As always, if you want to share pictures of your little candy monsters with us, we’d love to see them. Just drop them in the comments. Happy Trick-or-Treating!

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