Super Mario Halloween Costumes 2017

For those of you who have kids that want to be a character from Super Mario Bros. this Halloween, here’s a list of all things Mario. It’s worth mentioning before you dive into this list of Super Mario Costumes, that there are currently no Daisy, Boo, Bullet Bill, Bob-omb, Chain Chomp, Goomba, Kamek, or Dry Bones costumes on the Market.

Most of the following links are from Amazon. You can double check Target,, Party City, and Walmart to see which price is the best.

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Mario and Luigi – You can’t go wrong with the classic costumes for this pair of brothers. These costumes come with the jumper, hat, and mustache.

Mario with Gloves and Luigi with Gloves – For the complete Mario & Luigi look, these costumes come with the jumper, hat, mustache,  gloves, and an inflatable belly.

Mario Hat/Gloves/Mustache and Luigi Hat/Gloves/Mustache – If you prefer to go the simpler route, pair these sets of hats, gloves, and mustaches with the correct color shirt and some jeans for an instantly recognizable character.

Raccoon Mario – Here’s an adorable option. Not to be confused with the Tanooki version of Mario which is a full animal suit, the Raccoon Mario costume comes with the tail, hat with ears, gloves, and mustache. Pair it with a red shirt and jeans and your kiddo is good to go.

Raccoon Mario Deluxe – This is the full costume variation which includes the jumper with tail, hat with ears, gloves, mustache, and an inflatable belly.

Fire Mario Hat – If your kid has a soft spot for Fire Mario, there are no official full costumes at the stores this year. You can, however, combine this hat with a red shirt and white pants/overalls and pop on a mustache (or draw one on) to make your own.

Yoshi Rider – Just like it sounds, this costume dresses your child up in the optical illusion that they are Mario or Luigi riding Yoshi. This is just the jumper. It does not include the shirt, hat, gloves, or mustache.

Princess Peach – A perfect Peach costume, that includes the dress with amulet and Peach’s crown.

Peach Crown & Gloves – Use these if you want to have a hard crown and gloves for a little extra warmth.

Rosalina – I was so excited when I saw this costume! It includes the dress with broach and a fabric crown.

Rosalina Deluxe – This Rosalina costume has gauzier material on the dress, but the main draw to this costume is the crown, which is solid not fabric.

Star Wand – There are no official Rosalina wands, but a star wand is fairly simple to make or you can purchase one like this. You might even be able to find a glow stick star wand at this time of the year.

Luma – Rosalina is often pictured holding a Luma. This plush version is 11 inches tall and would definitely be hugged well after Halloween. There are also shops on Etsy that sell Lumas in different colors as well as patterns so you can make your own.

Blonde Wig – There are no perfect kids wigs for Peach or Rosalina, but this is a basic blonde wig that could be styled to fit your child’s costume.

Yoshi – This costume includes the green Yoshi jumpsuit with tail, headpiece, and an inflatable shell.

Yoshi Head & Shell – For those favoring the simpler route, this costume is just the head and shell. The head here, however, is actually nicer than the headpiece on the full costume. Pair this set with a green shirt and your little Yoshi is good to go get some candy.

Yoshi Head – If you want to upgrade that head piece on the full costume, this is it.

Donkey Kong – This is great; just the jumpsuit, tie, and mask.

Donkey Kong Head & Tie – This is simply a Donkey Kong hat and tie. Add a brown shirt and your kid’s costume is complete.

Donkey Kong Head – For those who prefer a soft head instead of a mask.

Bowser – This costume includes the jumpsuit with tail, inflatable shell, mask, and cuffs.

Bowser Head & Shell – Pair this head and shell with a yellow shirt and maybe some black wrist cuffs for an easy Bowser costume.

Bowser Head – A soft head to replaced the mask for your kid’s Bowser costume.

Wario – Your standard costumes for this bad guy comes with the jumpsuit, hat, and mustache.

Wario with Gloves – The deluxe version of the Wario costume that comes with the jumpsuit, hat, gloves, mustache, and an inflatable belly.

Wario Hat/Gloves/Mustache – Dress your kid in a yellow shirt along with this hat/glove/mustache sets for an easy version of Wario.

Waluigi – Waluigi’s costume includes the jumpsuit, hat, mustache, and gloves.

Toad – This is the costume for the red-capped inhabitant of the Mushroom Kingdom. It comes with the jumper, vest and red hat. The hats can also be purchased in Blue and Yellow.

Toad Hat & Vest – Just the red hat and vest Toad wears. Pair them with a neutral colored shirt and white pants if you have them to complete the costume.

Koopa Shell – This green shell is the only thing available for a Koopa costume. To complete a Koop Troopa or Lakitu costume your child would need a yellow shirt, tan pants, and face paint. If your kid wants to be Lakitu from Mario Kart, add a cloud, glasses/goggles, and a fishing pole too.

1-Up Mushroom Hat & Super Mushroom Hat – For a quirky alternative to the everyday Super Mario costumes, try these hats paired with beige-colored clothes to make your kid into one of the mushrooms power-ups from the games.

For Baby

Baby Mario – This is an adorable little costume of Mario sized 12-18 month. It comes with the romper and a Mario hat.

Ice Flower Onesie – If you have a wee one, this little onesie will dress them up as an Ice Flower, while also being a reusable shirt/outfit after Halloween.

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