Diablo III – Whimsydale

I was dungeon crawling with my seasonal hero in Diablo III this week, dispatching demons in the Halls of Agony, when this happened.

One moment I was chasing down a Treasure Goblin, and the next I’m inside a rainbow-colored portal with puffy smiling clouds.

Loot! There’s pots of gold and presents and Cuddle Bears and Pink and Purple Rainbow Unicorns.

OMG! They are attacking me!

This is so not right. At this point I’m dying with laughter.

PiƱatas, presents, Happy Clouds, pots of gold – there was so much loots I had to port back to town several times just to empty my inventory so I could pick it all up. And the Jewels! So. Many. Jewels.

I scraped the whole map. I may never end up here again, so I took full advantage. I’m still not sure how I got to Whimsydale, but that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in Diablo III yet.

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