Texts From My Kids – Fire Emblem Warriors SE

Two Days ago, Twitter let me in on something fantastic: The Fire Emblem Warriors Special Edition. Let me tell you why that made my day.

Boyo number 2 loves the Fire Emblem series with about the same amount of passion that I love The Legend of Zelda series. He loves the strategy of the game. He loves the characters (blue haired characters with swords? yes please). He loves the art used in the battles. And the weapons. B2 is the kind of kid who has books on weapon types and old armaments, does his 2nd grade Biography report on Alexander the Great, and has a blast at museums attending lectures given by people who recreate weapons and armor. He’s even tried his hand at making chainmail. Pretty much any game that lets him play around with battle strategy and weapons is going to be high on B2’s list.

Along with FE, Boyo the Second likes Dynasty Warriors, which is pretty much a digital Risk-like version of the Chinese Dynasty wars, with hack and slash and fantasy elements added. (Parents take note: I am BIG on not having the kids play games that allow human killing. The Dynasty Warriors series, however, is so good and revolves more around battle strategy and the taking of keeps and key points in a mission, and has no gore involved with defeating human enemies, that this games gets a pass from me.)

The fun part about the creators of Dynasty Warriors is that they lend their format to other game series. Hyrule Warriors is one example. A really good example. Getting to play on a battle field as Link or Zelda or Impa or any of the other numerous characters from the Legend of Zelda series is a blast. And guess who my go-to Second in the game is. Yup. Boyo the Second. And he’s an excellent Second indeed.

All of that together is why when they announced Fire Emblem Warriors, he was ecstatic. It was THE thing he wanted for his birthday. A preorder of FE Warriors. Of course we got that for him. He says I get to be his Second. But the waiting is hard. Little dude is born in Winter and up until two days ago, we had been seeing that FE Warriors was coming out on December 31. Then I came across this tweet from Nintendo (pictured below) about the Special Edition version.

Yesterday, when I picked him up from school, I handed him the new receipt for the SE preorder. He hung it on the fridge.

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