Concept Art – Beyond Good and Evil

I just recently replayed through Beyond Good and Evil. It’s an action adventure game where the main character, Jade, has to save her planet from an alien race that is intent on consuming the residents for energy and prolonged life. She does it using a camera to take pictures of the truth behind all the missing people and the connection between the aliens and the army. It’s a fun game, I’d definitely recommend it, though since some of the plot line is a bit gritty, keep it for the older gamers in the family.

Beyond Good and Evil was released in 2003, and it recently got an HD rerelease. BG&E has some history of trouble when it comes to a sequel. Mostly because the technology for what they wanted the game to be wasn’t available yet. The sequel was being worked on in 2008, but it was put on the back burner until the technology was ready. This year we were given a peek at Ubisoft’s current project based on BG&E, a prequel. And let me tell you, it looks fantastic. You can find the trailer here. (FYI it’s NSFW, for the swearing.) Compared to the original game the in-game art is a huge step forward. It looks amazing!

While I was looking around for concept art from the original game to juxtapose with the concept art for the new game, I came across these Instagram posts from Michel Ansel, who is a video game designer for Ubisoft. He shared with us some of the concept art for the game they had been working on in 2008. Hope you like them as much as I do.





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