Craft Saturday – Stardew Valley Cat Perler

Stardew Valley’s pixelated art style is perfect for Perler beads. After a week of playing the game, I knew I wanted to make some of the icons from the game. My first choice was to do one of the rarecrows, but I didn’t have all the colors needed. Instead, I picked out the cat your farmer adopts. The kids thought its “cashed” position was hilarious. Here’s a blown up screen shot from the game.

Cashed kitty

You can see how easily the game is to translate into Perler beads. It’s all just a matter of picking the beads closest to the color of the pixels used in the game. 

Stardew Valley – Cashed Kitty Perler by Mom’s the Gamer

Cashed Kitty was made up entirely from this package of neutral Perler beads, which can usually be found at local stores (we got ours at Meijer). Trays like this one run aroun $11, and have plenty of beads for several of projects.

This is definitely an easy project and will keep you or your kids busy for a relatively short amount of time, though you can extend that time by making more of Stardew Valley’s icons. I’m looking forward to receiving the beads I ordered so I can make that rarecrow next. Happy crafting everyone!

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