Wednesday Art – Broken Age

Since I got my copy of Broken Age in the mail, I thought I’d share with you some of the artwork that’s been uploaded from the game so you can see its wonderful art style. Broken Age is a point and click adventure style game; it’s all puzzle and dialogue and artwork. This time the artwork looks like something out of a kid’s picture book.  

Here we have Vella all dressed up as a cake to be sacrificed to Mog Chothra. She the only one not happy about it.

And then there’s Shay being given ridiculously easy “quests” by the ship’s daytime computer to keep him occupied.

Like this one. You can see how he’s outgrown everything. 

While Shay is being a bored and trapped teenager out looking for real adventure, Vella is actually on an adventure trying to defeat Mog Chothra and save other girls from being sacrificed. 

Part of me wishes this was an actual picture book, because the artwork is just that good. But with a game I get to live the adventure which makes me happy. I’ll be sure to lend this one out to the kids.  

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