Limited Run Games – Broken Age

This is probably a little bit more for the collector in your life, but I have to share. I just got my copy of Broken Age in the mail. An actual hard copy of the game! That’s what Limited Run Games does. They take digital games and produce a small amount of physical copies for sale. 

I love Broken Age. It’s done by Tim Schafer and Double Fine Productions after all. As in the people who made Grim Fandango and Psychonauts. Broken Age is a fun puzzle game where two timelines intertwine. You have a girl who is being offered up as a cake sacrifice to protect her village on one side and on the other is a boy who’s lived a sheltered life on a space ship run by an overprotective computer he calls mom. I definitely recommend it. Problem for me was it crashed my iPad. So look at me all excited because now I can play it on my Vita! You can check out Limited Run Games to see what games they have previously sold and see what they plan to sell. Fair warning these games sell out fast. And if you want to play Broken Age, check out the digital downloads for PS4, Vita, Android, and iOS. Age range here is as early as your kids can read. Go have fun!

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