Craft Saturday – Magnetic Katamari Ball Crochet

Today’s craft post comes from Amy’s Babies. Craft Blogger Amy Shimel made this amazing Magnetic Katamari crochet ball and shared the pattern with us in a very detailed post on how to make one for yourself. She even found magnets strong enough to be able to hold metal through the yarn. This is such a great rendering of the katamari – the little balls that can pick up everything. If you’re not familiar, these come from a series of games starting with Katamari Damacy where you are tasked with rolling up objects in the world in order to make balls with large enough mass that they can be shot out into the sky and make new stars. Yes, it’s just a weirdly wonderful as it sounds. You start by rolling a katamari around picking up small objects like erasers and coins and as the balls’s mass grows you find yourself eventually picking up trees and buildings. 

This project does require some knowledge of crochet, but the author tells us this is a quick and easy pattern. You will need the magnets, three colors of yarn, two crochet hooks, an embroidery needle, and fill. If you need to purchase everything it will run you around $20. 

I hope you enjoy this project as much as I do. Happy Crafting!

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