Craft Day – Chibiterasu Papercraft

Papercrafting is a pretty amazing art. With some paper, glue, an exacto knife, a cutting mat, and a scoring tool, you can make things like this adorable Chibiterasu model from Okamiden created by DeviantArtist Lyrin-83. 

Papercrafting can range from easy to difficult depending on the size of the model’s details. It definitely takes some patience and persistence to complete a model, though the end results are worth it. Chibiterasu here lands on the easier side of papercrafting. 

If you need some basic papercrafting instructions, try this tutorial from PaperCraft Museum. Your biggest expenses are going to be the exacto knife and cutting mat (around $15 combined), but once you have the tools in place, you and/or your kids will be able to make as many projects as you can print.

Be sure to check out Lyrin-83’s DeviantArt page to see more of her awesome designs, and come back next week for another craft.

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