Fixing My WiiU Pad

So I finally got around to pulling apart my WiiU controller to fix the left joystick issue. We were all tired of getting stuck walking up left in video games. This is the second time I’ve pulled this thing apart. The first time was for a cracked screen, a complete accident. One of the kids lost his grip on something and it landed right on the screen. Nice spiderweb from that. I was honestly nervous about whether or not I could fix the screen, but I had to try. My pad is a special edition controller I got when I bought the Wind Waker version of the WiiU and I wanted to keep it. Aside from that excellent reason to attempt fixing my pad, a new one would cost me over $100, while simply replacing the screen cost me $25. This time I got a pair of joysticks for $12.

Photo by Amy W. Lewis

Ok I will admit part of my reason to try is that I get to pull apart my WiiU controller and mess with the insides. The pad isn’t too hard to pull apart and fix, but I recommend watching a tutorial on how to do it first. Here’s the tear down tutorial by JerryRigEverything that I watched when I fixed that cracked screen. Taking apart the WiiU pad does require some delicacy, but if you or your kid is mechanically inclined, you definitely should try your hand at it. Also you get to add a special Y shaped screwdriver, called a Tri-wing, to your collection of tools.  

Photo by Amy W. Lewis

So there you have it. Not only an inexpensive way to keep your toys working, but also a lesson in electronics for the kids. What’s not to love? 

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