Goofy Video Game Stuff My Kids Have Done #3

Right now the kids are upstairs having a Nerf war. With Character classes. I can hear them bantering back and forth about what types of ammo, weaponry, and attacks the different classes can use. I asked them to describe them to me:

  • Outlaws – can use any long range weapon, certain close range weapons, cannot steal or back stab, but can lie
  • Knights – can use any melee weapon, crossbows, and flails and they have armor which gives them one extra life
  • Ranger – can use any long range weapon , but cannot use close range and has an incredible speed boost
  • Bandits – can use any long range weapon and can steal and lie and can trade for anything once, but they cannot do any close range attacks
  • Thieves – can use small close range and small long range attacks and they can steal and lie and backstab
  • Gladiators – can use crossbow and short sword, but no shield 
  • Steampunker – can use any weapon, does incredible damage, but can only move five steps per five seconds

The eldest’ base is Makerhaven. He has parts and long range weapons as resources in his base and his base has the ability Maker which allows him to modify weapons at any time. He also has the special ability of Tinker, which allows him to use a certain bow.

Makerhaven and Pandaria’s weapons stashes

The youngest’s base is Pandaria. He has books and close-range weapons as resources in his base. His base has Panda Power – if anyone hits one of the stuffed pandas in his base, they loose a third of their life. His special ability is Swordplay which allows him to challenge anyone to a sword fighting duel. 

This is so exhaustive it cracks me up. I think they spent more time designing their game than playing it. After they told me all about it, the youngest said, “What if someone actually turned this into a video game?” The eldest replied, “We could do that. ” Yes, yes you could boys.

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