Craft Saturday – Lego HZD Watcher

Ok guys this is really cool. Today’s craft project is a Lego rendition if one of the machines from Horizon Zero Dawn. Last Saturday, I was showing Boyo the 2nd the amazing Thunder jaw Lego done by Marius Herrmann and the Tallneck done by Wayne de Beer, when we came across this tutorial for a Watcher from CBBricks.

They’re cute when they’re friendly

We immediately dashed upstairs and spent the next couple of hours sifting through Lego pieces looking for parts to make this guy. Turns out we didn’t have all the pieces, so I hopped into Lego’s Pick a Brick and Bricks & Pieces to get parts for both kids. All told, the pieces cost us less than $6 (US) per Watcher (we opted not to make the landscape shown in the tutorial). I do not currently have a parts lists to share, I’ve reached out to CBBricks to see if they have one, but if you need help finding the specific bricks you can message me and I will share what we bought. 

The Watcher is not a difficult Lego to assemble, nor a very long project. You could even swap out the headlight with a yellow or red piece if you want a Watcher who has detected an enemy or is fighting. Hope you like this one as much as we do. 

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