Craft Day – Companion Cube Perler Box

Perler beads are such a great medium for video game craft projects. Anything made out of visible pixels can easily be translated into them. Some people, however, really have a knack for translating pictures into Perler beads, like the creator of today’s craft, jnjfranklin at Deviant Art. Here is his version of a Companion Cube turned into a coin box. 

Portal Companion Cube

This is the kind of piggy bank I want my kids to have, something they made and something they love. You could also easily turn the top panel into a box top for storage or even leave it off to make a pen/pencil holder.

While not a difficult project, all Perler beads require ironing to fuse the beads together, so if your kid is making this expect to help with that part. For the amount of beads used in this project you would need to purchase bags of the different colors, which you can find at or in stores like Michael’s, though you probably won’t find the clear or pink pieces in bags at brick and mortar stores. The project will cost you under $20 if you have to purchase everything, including the peg boards.

Be sure to take a look at jnjfranklin’s gallery on Deviant Art to see more of his amazing artwork, and come back next Saturday for another craft project.

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