We Need Four

It’s an odd thing, to climb in bed and start drifting off to sleep only to have your mind suddenly light upon a thought that makes you start giggling. That’s exactly what happened to me Monday night.

my controller next to the dad’s – Photo taken by Amy W. Lewis

Let’s back up a little. Earlier in the day, the husband decided he wanted to play a video game. If you’ve been following along, you know this is a rare and cherished moment for the family. The man is not the gamer in the house. (I’ve even cheekily given him his own hashtag #DadsNotTheGamer) When we get the chance to play with him, we jump on it. He had decided that what we really needed was a four player, dungeon crawling, couch co-op. I was a bit worried because couch co-ops have become harder to find, with those that allow four player being even more elusive. But the man had done his research and had found two of them for us to play. We were all excited as he started the download for the first game. 

It was around 8:15 at night that the download was nearly complete. The youngest, eager to play with his dad, and eager to have a new sword- wielding warrior to play, was on pins and needles. I had to inform him that the download would finish too late that night to play. It was a school night after all. And indeed the download finished just as bedtime rolled around. I sent disappointed kids up to get ready for bed. I was a bit sad, too, but looking forward to playing with everyone the next day. Getting to play with ALL the family makes my mom gamer heart very happy. 

boyo 1 controller & boyo 2 controller – Photo taken by Amy W. Lewis

After I had settled down to sleep and started to drift off, the giggling commenced. It woke up the husband. In the dark of the bedroom I said these words, “We only have two controllers.”

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  1. Bahahaha. I KNEW you were gonna write that. Lol.

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