I was busy playing Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild last week, just minding my own business exploring Hyrule while the husband sat with me on the couch scrolling through Imgur, when he suddenly called out, “What is that?!?” in a very not amused, slightly horrified voice.  

“That’s a Korok.” I had just discovered one of the little tree spirits hiding who knows where, as they are all over the place in Hyrule, often under rocks. “Aren’t they cute. They’re from Windwaker.” 

“No they’re not. They are disgusting little buggers and they need to be killed.” 


OK, so first you need to know that he is joking, but he’s not joking.  Now that he has decided that he doesn’t like the little buggers, they and their imminent extermination have become a household “thing”.

Later in the same night, I found another Korok and gleefully showed it to the husband.

“Kill it.”

“I can’t!  It’s a friendly!”

The next morning, I told the kids about their dad’s non-love of the Korok’s, which they found amusing, but needed to see for themselves.

A couple of days later, I came across the Forest Dweller weapons. They are now known as the weapons the Korok’s will use to shiv us with. 

Two days ago, I climbed a mountain, picked up a rock, and out popped a Korok. I was alone at the time so I didn’t have to hear anyone tell me to try and hurt the little guy. I dropped the rock and planned to go on my merry way, except…the rock landed on the Korok’s head. It said, “Ouch”. I couldn’t resist, I told the husband. He told me to drop the rock on its head again.

This morning I sent him this picture. This is Hetsu, who is easily five or six times the size of the little Koroks.

I was not disappointed.

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