Things Gamers Do #1

This is just so brilliant I had to share.  And I promise it is not a spoiler.  One of the puzzles you come across in Breath of the Wild requires you to use your WiiU pad or Switch controller to tilt a platform and roll a ball.  Or as one of my kids put it, “Oh! It’s a labyrinth.”  

It actually quite frustrating.  For some reason the gyro on my pad didn’t translate well and so I just started flipping the pad around all over the place to vent a bit.  And then, well, see below.  Of note, I actually had to do it the correct way, but the kids and I laughed a lot over me trying to do it the “wrong” way for a bit. I’m so glad someone made a post on Reddit about it. Seems I wasn’t the only one who did this.

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