The Gamer’s a Mom

This is what it’s like to be a Gamer…and a Mom.

This is missing the 2-day window to preorder a console because your kids needed new shoes.

This is your amazing husband fully paying for a preorder of the new game of your favorite series the day it was announced.

This is your same amazing husband changing the preorder to the new console, even though you don’t have a preorder for the system itself.  

This is knowing that you have family to feed dinner and tuck in bed, so you won’t be lining up on launch day to try and get a console at midnight.  

This is having to choose sleep over staying awake for a midnight launch.

This is reading news stories about the lines at stores while you drink your morning coffee. 

This is sending your kids off to school before you can go and see if there are any consoles left.

This is making contingency plans. 

This is walking into a deserted Walmart, because it’s open, ten minutes after your last kid is on the bus.

This is empty shelves, sold out online listings, and fruitless phone calls.

This is not driving 100 miles to where there might still be one available because you have to pick your youngest up from school.

This is convincing yourself that it’s for the best, that consoles sold on launch day always have issues.

This is taking comfort in the reports of the left Joycon not staying synced.

This is telling yourself you could always put that money in savings, like you won’t use it for your kids birthdays.  

This is having to tell your kid no when they ask first thing if you got a Switch, but let’s be honest it wasn’t for them anyways.

And this is being sad enough that even though you bought a copy of the game that you can play, you can’t bring yourself to open it up.

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