I Like To Befriend My Local GameStop Employees

So I posted this on my local FB page, but it really belongs here.  It’s the story of what happened on Wednesday when we went to buy Horizon Zero Dawn:

At GameStop and one of the employees wasn’t feeling well. When I asked him how he felt, he admitted he had a fever. His customer got all nervous and quickly left. Queue the jokes about how they were going to take their game and sanitize it now. A few minutes later, I have my new game and were ready to go when he says to his coworker that his computer is all messed up. She says what happened to it. I piped up with, “He breathed on it and now it has a virus.” People, I put her on the floor she was laughing so hard. She gasped out that we had to make sure we came back as we told the guy we hoped he felt better soon and headed out.

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