A Wish for Two Player

One of the saddest trends in games is the lack of couch co-op games.  Yes, there are games out there that allow for two or more players to sit on the same couch and play a game together on the same system (Mario and Sackboy being two good options), but there seems to be a trend, with the underlying smarminess of greed, that is pushing towards not being able to play together without owning two different systems.  

When we heard at Brothers was coming out, my littlest got very excited.  To be able to play a game with his big brother is always one of his favorite things.  To be able to play a game with his big brother playing a big brother and him playing a little brother is near perfection to him.  Sadly, this game is a one player game, where the brothers are controlled by separate joy sticks on one controller.  

Eldest said, “It’s a save spot, come and take a picture!”

I got the game for them anyway.  It has excellent reviews and looks to be clever in terms of puzzles and plot.  In the game, the brothers set out to find the water of life for their sick father, and must work together through their individual strengths to find it.  For example, the little brother can squeeze into places the big one can’t, while the big brother can swim and boost the little one to high places. 

While the boys are having a blast with the game, it has been hard on the kids to have the game not to be two player.  The eldest said the game would play great if it was two player, but is resigned to play alone.  The littlest, on the other hand, is convinced that they could play the game together.  On one controller.  Smooshed up against each other, elbow to elbow, left-hander and right-hander each controlling one joy stick.  

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  1. This made me sad. : (

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