The Waiting

When you are a gamer, and your kids have also developed a fond affection for games, Christmas is bound to have a few games under the tree.  Oh the boys got some books and building kits (both Lego and non Lego) as well.  But the games at Christmas are very much looked forward to as we place a moratorium on new games brought into the house for two months before Christmas.  Which means that the new Pok√©mon games all their friends got in November?  The boys didn’t get them in November.  They put them on their Christmas lists and tried to dodge all the spoilers their friends threw at them.  I also had to remind the little one that if he didn’t get a game he put on his list, that he did have allowance money and GameStop does a great sale on used games after Christmas.  Waiting is hard. 

It’s now almost a week after Christmas and so far the kids have gotten into all of their games.  A few they have spent more time in others, but they have tried them all out.  Except for one.  I have left the living room in post Christmas morning state for most of the week as the boys have vacation from school and I’m letting them thoroughly enjoy their games before we put them up tomorrow.  Unwrapped games and opened boxes are scattered around.  Wires that connect and charge controllers are strewn about.  A portal and figures dot the landscape of our “wow that’s ugly, let’s replace it someday” carpeting.  And there, in the middle of it all, sits one lonely, unopened Lego Dimensions Fantastic Beasts level box.

Poor little thing.  My inner gamer wants to pick it up, cut the tape on the box carefully (it is a Lego box after all), open the bags on the floor, and see how much I can put together without the instructions in the game.  I know it’s a tactic that would work to get the kids curious enough to play the game, but this time I think I’ll wait and see how long it takes for them to want to play it.  Problem is, waiting is hard.  

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