Goofy Video Game Stuff My Kids Have Done #3

Youngest pulled out Yoshi’s Woolly World tonight.  After watching him play through about four episodes, the eldest decided to hop in and play with him.  It has a pretty nice co-op system close to the rest of the Mario games.  This one happens to be super adorable because it’s all yarn.  The Yoshis go through the levels knitting missing walkways and spaghetti slurping loose yarn, all the while being followed by little balls of yarn collected out of yarn baskets found in the levels.  So the boys are running around the level, doing what Yoshis do, which includes eating enemies and turning them into yarn balls when, of course, they start eating each other’s Yoshi instead.  I’m mildly amused and figure at some point I’ll have to remind them that they should knock it off and finish the level, when I see the youngest eat his brother’s Yoshis and take off running…with all the yarn balls.  Eldest returns to Yoshi form and noms his brother’s Yoshi and also takes off running…with the yarn balls his brother had just stolen from him.  They weren’t just eating each other’s characters and turning them into yarn balls for fun, they were eating each other’s Yoshi for exclusive rights to the yarn stash.  And giggling the whole time. 

When you eat your companion’s Yoshi, they become a little yarn ball that follows you around.

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