Talk Nerdy to Me

The youngest was playing Sly Cooper 3: Honor Amoung Thieves.  The mission: use Bently’s grapple cam to lure the bad guys to pressure plates and then sleep dart them once they are there in order to turn off the power to the force field on the main door.  What’s a grapple cam?   Why, a clever device that is a camera with a grappling hook attached, of course.  The camera can be used to get the guard’s attention while it moves around the room bringing the guard to the desired spot.  

Now it’s best if you have a bit of an idea what Bently is like.  The Sly Cooper games are about a wonderfully drawn/animated raccoon thief (oh that tail!) and his team of friends, who commit capers while running from Carmelita Fox (the police) and, oh yeah, taking down the real bad people, er animals, in the game.  The game teaches stealth, patience, and strategy. 

Sly has the skill and Murray, the pink hippo, has the brawn, so that would make Bently the brains.  He’s an adorable, little, glasses-wearing nerd of a turtle.  In a wheelchair.  And yes, we love him, his gadgets and all.  But he is a nerd.  So when he has to get the guard’s attention, well … let’s just say the four of us that were in the room busted out laughing.  And then the youngest intentionally delayed completing the mission until we had heard everything that Bently had to say.  Bently, you see, was hurling insults.  Delightfully awful, nerdy insults.  Here’s a sampling:

I’m yelling at you!

Yo momma!

You’re a bad person.  I mean it.

Up your nose with a rubber hose.

Boc boc boc bukaw (chicken noises)

You will never find me! (sing song style)

Aloha, idiot!

Hey you!  Uattractive person!

Follow the sound of my voice.

Yo, Ugly!

Eat dirt. 

Hey, pay attention to me!

You!  With the low self esteem!

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