Giggling Through the Neighborhood

It all started with a comment yesterday from the husband about how Imgur was blowing up over Pokemon Go.  And then came the question today from a random adult to the youngest who was wearing a Pokemon shirt, “I like your shirt.  Are you playing Pokemon Go?”  And then came dinner tonight.  With one kid at camp, the rest of us sat at the table and listened to the littlest comment on that question, and how he replied, “I don’t have a phone.”

 That’s all it took.  On the sly I started flipping through the App Store on my phone and downloaded the game.  Little bean noticed.  While he questioned me, the husband also started downloading.  On the sly.  Soon it was dueling downloads and logging in.  The littlest, thinking that finding Pokemon in the real world was akin to finding yo-kai, declared he got to find the Pokemon in his bedroom.  Soon we were outside eating melting popsicles, and customizing our characters.  Bean’s face fell when I made mine a girl.  That meant he wouldn’t be getting to play on my phone.  Not to worry, for dad had loaded up a blue haired boy and, after catching the first Pokemon, handed his phone off to the bean. 

We quickly learned it was not finding Pokemon in stills, but running around the neighborhood playing hotter/colder trying to locate Pokemon.  We threw on our shoes and walked out the front door into the steamy night, and the giggling started.  We split up.  I walked on one side of the street, the two guys on the other, so we could spread out our search area.  Little guy found a Pokemon and hollared for me, I did the same for him when I found one.  I looked at the husband who was laughing to himself over the spectacle of us canvassing the neighborhood for Pokemon.  It may have been the most enjoyable walk I’ve had in the neighborhood.  The three of us, in the humidity and heat, holding up our phones, trying not to laugh at how silly we were, laughing anyways, and catching Pokemon on the streets. 

The little one has already made plans for our next walk.  Tomorrow morning.  And the next one the day after.  And he wants to walk the park.  And the bike trail.  He even made sure the game was downloaded onto eldest’s phone so he can walk with us too.  I’ve never seen him this excited to go for walks ever.

Grand total: 3.6 Km walked, 17 Pokemon captured

Maybe they just needed to use the bathroom? photo from Imgur

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