The Game, It Compels Me #1

There are things in video games that just must be done.  At times these compulsions are things we all do, at times they are things each individual just HAS to do.  They sweep the range from sublime to ridiculous.  And I love them. 

In Monster Hunter, you are hunting monsters.  No brainer, right?  You can then take those monsters, carve items off of them and use those items to create/upgrade your weapons and armor.  The better the armor and weapons, the tougher the monsters you can defeat and carve for items to make better armor and weapons.  What makes this cycle fun is the challenge of defeating each individual monster with its unique fighting style and types of damage, including monsters that poison you or spit fireballs at you. 

Each monster has bits and pieces of it that can be damaged.  You can break off tusks, claws, damage wings, even lop off tails.  And that’s where the fun begins.

Say hello to the Royal Ludroth.  He’s a cute, little, squishy, yellow, newt-like croc of a monster.  With a spongey neck.  Yes, an actual sponge.  It soaks up water and makes his water attacks more powerful.  And yes, you just want to grab him and squish him, when he’s not whiping you with that tail.  Ugh, that tail.  He rolls over you and spins around and lashes you with that tail.  If you stand in the right spot he won’t hit you, but you will likely take damage from that attack every time you fight him.  

Ok, so he’s a big squishy monster

I personally like to use dual blades, so my fighter will be right there at him trying to slash him with my own spin attacks.  I’m not a tanker, so my attacks tend to be from the sides or the back or under the belly of tall beasties.  Which puts me in perfect position for the thing that must be done.  We must lop off the Royal Ludroth’s tail.  Must, must, must.  It is the most satisfying tail sever of the game.  Oh sure, we’ll go after the tail on any monster that can have their tail severed, but nothing is as important as getting the R. Ludroth’s tail to go flying.  No other monster looks as hillarious with his tail missing.  And the R. Ludroth keeps trying to whip us with his tail.  But he can’t. 

We like to call him stubby. 

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