Media Silence

Nintendo released a new trailer for the now named new LoZ game.  Which I watched with bated breath. We have seen bits and bobs come out before for this game. And as always, it has made us very excited for what’s coming.  As it gets closer (and it has been coming for a while now), more news will be released, more people and bloggers will take any scrap of information and smear it all over the Internet. And this is when I go into media selience mode.

Allow me to explain. 

All Zelda games take a while to be developed and released.  And they will always be delayed. No one even cares. Because anyone who loves LoZ wants it to be the best it can be.  We will always patiently and excitedly wait to be blown away once again by this series.  Sure there was disappointment when the first pictures of Windwaker came out and our promised Adult Link was replaced with what is now referred to as Toon Link (hate that nickname btw). When we played the game, however, we were stunned and fascinated and enraptured by the wonderful game that perfectly fit with the art style that we were given. 

Yes, we have heard that this new game has new elements and newly evolved game play and a free and open field where the gamer is trusted to find their own way in the game. If you hadn’t sussed this out on your own, let me spell it out for you, because you need to understand.  The people who make LoZ truly think the best of their gamers.  They take us for intelligent, thoughtful, kind, whip smart, commonsensical, brilliant, compassionate, patient, self motivated, persistant, and so many other good qualities people.  So born out of the confidence of what kind of people we are, they work their very best to give us a game we will enjoy, be challenged by, be excited and moved and enlightened by, and play the snot out of.  

And I trust them. Whatever direction they have moved their games forward towards has always been amazing.  And creative. And genius.  Every bit of innovation from the lost woods, to the ocarina, to the flipping upside down of dungeons, to walking on ceilings and on the bottom of lakes, to the pulling down enemies flying in the sky with new weapons, to dungeons where time changes what works and what doesn’t, to bowling bombs, to Zelda participating in fights, to enemies learning new tricks, to the remote used as a sword and so many more, I welcome them all. I have never not been surprised and amazed at what they ask us to do. The dungeons are so complex and fun that I can come back to games and have forgotten where to go or how to defeat a dungeon and it’s never because you had to do something boring or banal like memorize a map or a series of choices. It’s because they are clever. You never regret replaying a LoZ game. It’s the perfect combination of puzzle, enemy fighting, and seek and find.  And when you finish, you will be wholly satisfied. Proud of yourself, enamored of the creators, allied with other gamers who also played the game, and delightedly waiting for the next game to start peeking out at you from under the curtain it’s being developed behind. 

So listen.  Please don’t spoil it for me.  Don’t send me links to people’s blogs or send me funny pictures off imgur. Don’t send me Nintendo’s tweets or someone’s tumblr page. Don’t tell me anything. Not one whisper. Not even one breath. I won’t read it.  I won’t look at it. I won’t hear it.  And when the game is in my hands, don’t expect to hear from me right away, because I won’t spoil it for you either.  

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 

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