Offline Video Game Fun #2:  Books!

shelf at my local bookstore

One of the boys picked up a Legend Of Zelda manga (for the uninitiated that would be a Japanese graphic novel) at his school’s book fair a couple of weeks back.  He liked it so much I ended up buying him another one for his birthday and as I was at our local bookstore perusing the stacks, I realized that I haven’t shared with you the books based on games that you can get for your kids to read.  Many of them are in graphic novel form, but you can also find informational books and straight up novels.  When in a bookstore, check the manga/graphic novel section for Legend of Zelda, Kingdom Hearts, Yo-kai Watch and more.  The children’s book area will most likely have both Pokemon graphic novels/mangas well as handbooks that list all the Pokemon and their abilities.  I have also seen the children’s section carrying Sonic the Hedgehog and Skylanders books.  It’s a little bit harder to find video game books online unless you know the exact game title you’re looking for and then you can find a whole bunch.  To get you started, I’m going to put a few Amazon links below (including some more mature titles).  It’s always worth checking to see if your kids favorite character or game has any graphic novels to read.  

There are, of course, many books out there about drawing characters, or the history of a certain game and/or developer, or how to create games.  If your kid displays an interest in those area, by all means get them books!  The whole industry of video games needs new people who have the talent and drive to code and draw and write plots. 

The one thing I will never recommend buying is a Guide.  Unless you or your kid absolutely has to have every piece of artwork or item put out by a game, they are just not worth the money.  It’s better to work through a puzzle than spoil it (for smug points), but if you get stuck, the internet is vast and wide.  Even RPGs with their “sometimes one choice deprives you of a special item forever” logic can be managed through careful internet searches.  I regularly use charts that show how to craft a certain item and where materials can be located.  Don’t spend the money on books for those things.  Better to use the internet which can update lists anytime.  

Here’s those links!

Legend of Zelda

Kingdom Hearts


Yo-Kai Watch

Ratchet and Clank

Sonic the Hedgehog 


Final Fantasy

Guild Wars


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