No Age Limits

I just had the privilege witnessing a gentleman turn in and trade up his Xbox with the (minimal) help of his adult grandson.  He knew exactly what he wanted and picked out a few new sports based games to replace his older versions.  Truly, there is no age limit on enjoying video games.  They are, as I have said before, digital board games, digital pen and paper games, digital sports games, and so much more.  It just allows us to play those games in a different form.  Watching the two of them today, I was reminded of the time in Gatchaman Crowds when the computer system gives people the opportunity to help others through games that create characters that are able to interact with the real world.  There had been a disaster and regular individuals were invited to login to the game system and play games where they were challenged to do things to help such as move debris and provide food and water.  A granddaughter and grandmother pair logged in to play together to make rice balls for those displaced by the disaster.  It was a race against other players to see who could make the most.  That had a blast gaming together.  In my head, I imagine the pair I saw today having the same kind of fun playing together, except with golf and football…and a crazy awesome old dude yelling at the players on his screen. 

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