The Ratchet and Clank Movie

So this here is a thing.  And for once I am pretty excited about a movie based on a video game.  To make it even better, my friend asked if our families can go together.  I’m unbelievably pleased to be going to a movie about a video game that I loved playing, with my boys who loved playing the same game, with a woman who also loved playing said game, and her family that includes two girls and a boy who all loved playing the game.  I feel unbelievably privileged to know several women gamers personally, who have raised children, both girls and boys, who game.  Here’s to the women gamers (and their partners) who are raising our next generation of gamers: boys who will be used to girls gaming and girls who will be tech savy.  May we all get to have the fun of hearing them mimic Clank’s giggle.


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