Yes We Play Apps, Too #1

Three days ago, the husband downloaded Panda Pop. Now for background, this is more my kind of app. I play collection apps (like Dragonvale), time management/strategy apps (think New Yankee in King Arthur’s Court), tower defense apps (Kingdom Rush), point and click adventure (Tiny Thief anyone?), puzzle apps (The Room Series) and spatial games (Montezuma) to sort of give you a starting point. The Husman on the other end plays mostly number or word puzzlers such as 3s or Alphabear.  I put Panda Pop in the spatial variety, and let’s just say spatial things are a bit challenge for the husband.  I usually find myself rearranging the grocery cart after he puts things in it, and hopefully he finds it funny that I tease him about it.  So you would think I would have been the one to download Panda Pop. 

Now we have four people in the family, and three phones.  The littlest doesn’t get his for a few more years.  So of course, being mom, I give him my phone to play on.  The Dragonvale game on my phone is officially his.  He is also rather obsessed with Pandas.  We’ve travelled to two different Zoos so far just to visit the Pandas.  I knew that if I downloaded a panda game that would be the end of my phone.  And then the husband goes and downloads it on his phone.  And starts playing it.  Oh hell, no. That’s my kind of game.  Ima show him up.  So I downloaded it.  And went past him the first night.  Then he comes home the next day, two days ago, and he’s gone further than I had that day.  The eldest gets wind if the competition and he downloads the game.  

The clock is ticking…someone is going to blow our cover…the littlest’s ears perk up.  “Panda?  You have a game with a panda?”  He comes over to watch.  I beat a level and he laughs at the panda babies tugging on the kidnapping baboon’s ears.  

“Why is he kidnapping them?”  

“I don’t know, sweetie. I have no idea what the backstory is.”  I play another level and loose.  The pandas all cry.  My little one whimpers along with them.  

“I want to play a level.”  I hand my phone over.  I now have no chance of redeeming my crown as the spatial champion of the house.  Sigh.

On the bright side, yesterday at bedtime the husband was playing the game while little guy sat watching.

“The pandas hate you.”  My eyebrows raised up. 

“They’re grateful you’re saving them, but they hate you.”  I’m puzzled but giggling.  He continues griefing his dad for a bit, showering him with panda hate.

“Perhaps if someone asked me nicely, I would let them play the game.”

“Is that what he’s doing?  Trying to get you to let him play by telling you the pandas hate you?”  


There was a lot of laughter after that.  

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