What I’ll Be Doing This Friday

Something very odd has occurred.  Last night as we were putting the kids to bed, I heard the husband tell the youngest, “We have to plan something for Friday because mom will have the TV.”  I actually walked into the room and asked him what in the world he meant.  My confusion was absolute.  He replied, more our child than me, “Mommy’s game comes out that day, doesn’t it.”  I was floored.  I mean it.  I mean, yes, the new version of Legend of Zelda: Twighlight Princess is released this Friday (technically at midnight, but I have kids and won’t be going to pick up the game just so I can play all night and be in no state to get the kids to school Friday morning,) but to have the TV set aside for me to play a game when the kids are home stunned me.  

Don’t get me wrong, I’m totally taking him up in the offer.  Even if I have played the game before, I will still want to play the HD version all day when I first get my mitts on it.  It looks gorgeous in screen shots, and I even have confirmation from someone who got an early copy that it is gorgeous in gameplay.  Twilight Princess is arguably the best Zelda game, and indeed likely my favorite.  And it’s always bothered me that I had to play a flipped version of the game.  For those who don’t know, something funky happened when they ported the game from the GameCube to the Wii and they ended up having to flip the game just to get it to work.  I’ve never played the game as it was originally intended.  The art and puzzles were all reversed.  The WiiU version is the right way around (again confirmed by person with early copy.)  And it going to be fun and frustrating and clever and all the wonderful things a legend of Zelda game is.  


Can you tell which side is the HD version? If it’s not obvious by his eyes, I’ll remind you that Link is left handed.

But to have the TV set aside for me, for mom, well you know the saying about a mom being the person who after finding out that there’s three slices of pie for her four person family promptly declares that she never liked pie anyways?  Yeah, it’s pretty much how this goes.  I’m hard pressed to think of a time when I didn’t readily give up the TV or the gaming systems when the kids asked to play.  And I’m not some kind of martyr, it’s just what we moms do.  I’m perfectly content watching my kids play.  The one they ask for help with video games 99.9% of the time is me.  Gaming is interactive for us.  Sometimes the kids ask me to hop in the game and join them.  Sometimes they find something odd or funny to do and have to show me.  I enjoy them being silly and clever with the games.  I don’t feel deprived if I’m not the one with a controller.  So while I knew that the game I preordered for myself comes out on Friday, I really hadn’t made any plans to do more than play the game while they were at school and watch them play it over the weekend if they so chose.  And listen, even with the no lapping rule in play, they have never gotten close to passing me in a Zelda game.  Mom still rules as the gamer when it come to that.  I wasn’t worried about the game being spoiled if I didn’t play again until Monday. 

And there it is: I wasn’t thinking I would get to play the game to my heart’s content until those words were spoken last night.  Now I’m more than a little giddy.  So yes, sweetheart, I’m taking you up on those words.  You go and feed the kids and mook about with them and, as you said, you have Netflix on your tablet.  Make sure the eldest, who is too clever for his own good and can’t help opening up his mouth and telling you how to solve a puzzle, but gets lost in dungeons, is kept busy.  And make sure the youngest, who knows how to wield every sword and weapon with precision, but would rather play on my account because I will have done the work required to unlock weapons and extra sword moves, knows he will get to play on his own account later.  I will have the TV. 

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