The Game is a Smartass #1

I like it when games are snarky.  It adds to the clever quotient of the developers.  Now Lego games always get high marks for being clever.  They take a piece of Geeky popular culture and immerse it into the Lego world.  The characters act and do things that Legos can and they never take themselves or their original work too seriously.  In fact they are often innocently irreverent.  It’s one of the reasons that Lego games based on movies work.  They never completely mimic the original work, and therefor do not present the gamer with a bland and banal piece of tripe that no one should be forced to play, no less spend money on.  

Today was my sixth day with sick kids, and my fourth day taking care of them alone (husband had a business trip.)  It wasn’t the worst it’s ever been, even though it was the flu.  Yesterday the eldest started back to school, so it was just me and little guy at home today.  Even so, I was pretty tired from taking care of everyone.  So after I got thing one on the bus, I sat myself down to play Lego Marvel Superheroes while thing two slept in.  It wasn’t too much later that thing two padded downstairs in his footie pajamas.  We ate breakfast and I drank coffee and poked around Manhattan looking for gold bricks and characters.  Thing two, finally awake enough, asked if he could join me.  Of course!  I mean one of the hallmarks of a Lego game is the insane amount of characters to unlock and use as you replay missions in free play mode.  You can’t collect everything unless you do.  So pretty much it’s yes, yes, yes please join in and help!

We found Deadpool’s room and bought the studs x 2 brick.  We found enough gold bricks for three new side missions.  We got Agent Colson, War Machine, Havok, Power Man, and others.  We were doing awesome (except I kept mixing up the PS3 buttons with the WiiU configuration.)  Thing two wanted to buy Howard the Duck, which we managed to unlock in a side mission.  I think it’s nearly impossible not to mentally face palm when it comes to Howard the Duck.  But little dude was home sick and playing video games with mom and it wasn’t too hard to make the studs needed to buy characters so what the heck.  Go ahead and buy him. 

A trophy notification popped up in the upper right of the TV.  You have received a new trophy: “Really?”  Well played, Lego.  Well played. 

P.S.  Here’s the links we were using today to find characters with the powers we needed.

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