The Xbox Dilemma

When boyo number one came along, we had the trifecta of gaming systems: a PlayStation 2, a GameCube, and an Xbox.  Each system had its go-to games.  I had the PlayStation for Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, Kingdom Hearts, and Final Fantasy X, the GameCube for Legend of Zelda and SSX Tricky, and the Xbox got lots of use with Psychonauts, Oddworld, Jet Set Radio Future and DOA.  We never had a lot of rated M games, just a few really, but as the eldest grew older, less M rated games were brought into the house.  And really who had time to play God of War if you could only play it when the toddler (who didn’t often nap) was sleeping?  

Little by little, our gaming turned from systems to online games.  They were quiet, because of head phones, and social, which is good when you spend your day playing trucks and singing the bumblebee song with your little one.  But gradually the eldest grew older and I missed my games.  We had kept many of our favorite games and with that stash in mind and a kid on our hip, we bought a Wii. 

If I could only have one system, I would get the one that plays Legend of Zelda.  And since the Wii was backwards compatible, I could play my Windwaker special disk that had all the LoZ games.  Plus the selection of kid friendly games was appealing.  All the Super Mario Bros, Rayman, Yoshi, Kirby, Sonic, etc.  Not only could I play the games with little man around, but he could play them too.  And when boyo number two showed up, he could pretend to play while someone else was gaming.  Just had to hand him a Wiimote.  Which is an infinitely better controller to have if you have kids around.  The eldest ate the knobs off our wavebird.  This is still hilarious.  The Wii was so compatible with the kids and me that when the WiiU came out it was a no-brained to upgrade to it.

As the boyos matured in life and gaming, we added a PlayStation 3.  The year the PlayStation 4 came out. PlayStation is not currently being cool on the backwards compatibility front and dammit I had games I wanted my kids to experience.  The PS3 had them.  All the Jak and Daxter, Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Kingdom Hearts I could throw at them.  And *bonus* they had Psychonauts for download! 

Since we’ve had the kids, we haven’t had an Xbox.  Why.  Well, it’s not a very good kid system, is it?  We have looked at their lineup.  I played many fun games on the Xbox when it was new.  But somehow it has morphed into not only the hangout of the most obnoxious boys club group outside of WoW, but also the system that has 90% rated M for Mature games with the last 10% relagated to sports.  There are perhaps three Xbox exclusives I would want to play and maybe one is kid appropriate.  There’s just no point having one in my house. 

Two Christmases ago, a friend of mine’s Aunt bought an Xbox for her grand kids.  She then called my friend asking what games to buy.  My friend has moxie.  She told her Aunt to take the X-box back to the store and buy them a damn WiiU.  I laughed really hard at that and told her she is awesome.  Her Aunt did just that. 

This past Christmas, my youngest bought me Destiny so I could play online with her.  And here is the crux of the problem.  She plays on an Xbox 360.  If I want to play with her, and honor my son’s reason behind his gift, I have to get an Xbox myself.  Yes, I am actually considered buying a used 360 just for one game.  It’s amazing what your kids can talk you into. 

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