No Lapping

There are two kinds of people: those who can keep a secret, and those who, well…can’t.  One of my kids can’t keep things to himself for anything. It bursts from inside him if he learned something super cool or worse bought you a Christmas gift. He has definitely spilt the beans about a few gifts over the years. He gets it from his daddy who is famous in this house for Christmas shopping at the last minute not because he’s lazy or inattentive, but because he can’t help himself from needing to give it to you right away.  Often this kind of behavior from the little one is not a huge deal, even mildly amusing. Until it comes to video games spoilers.  Thus the creation of one of the cardinal rules: No Lapping.

I usually institute this rule for Legend of Zelda games.  If they’re on the big screen (read Wii U) they belong to me. I did say mom was the gamer in this family. The kids are given a save slot or can create a game under their Mii, but they can’t pass me in the game. Which means if I’m in the first dungeon, they can’t start it. This prevents the little one from telling me the boss or what weapon we earn in the dungeon. This also prevents the eldest from accidentally helping me solve the puzzles.  Lastly, when they run through the dungeon and get lost, I can give them hints without spoiling it for myself by having to watch what they’re doing or looking it up on the Internet (this is also a Cardinal Rule for Zelda games: no looking it up!)  

Well, this year for Christmas we got little guy Xenoblade Chronicles X.  And it’s awesome.  Little guy allowed us to play the game too, but instituted the no lapping rule!  Augh!!  So here I am at level 50 on Chapter 4. 

Mom is the gamer, but this gamer is also a mom. 

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